Glute & Resistance Band Box Set

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Fortune Favours Glute & Resistance Band Box Set

Workout on the road, or add these two versatile items to your home gym!


- 11 pc Resistance Bands 

- 5x Resistance Bands 

- 2x Ankle/Wrist Straps 

- 1x Door Stopper 

- 2x Handles

- 1x Bag

Level of Resistance: 

Yellow Tube - 10lbs/ 4.6kg

Green Tube - 15lbs/6.8kg

Red Tube - 20lbs/9kg

Blue Tube- 25lbs/ 11.4kg

Black Tube - 30lbs/ 13.7kg


- Workout on the go

- Resistance can be added to subtracted to suit your needs

- Decrease Chance of injury 

- Great for Stretching & Mobility


- 3x Pack of Glute Bands 

- Carrier Bag

Level of Resistance 

- White - Light 

- Blue (Adjustable) - Medium 

- Black - Heavy 

- Carrier Bag

Non-slip material on inside of each band for maximum comfort and control while doing your chosen movement.


- Workout anywhere 

- Use in conjunction with weight or on their own

- Provide extra resistance to leg based exercises.

- Ideal for rehabilitation and injury prevention

All for only €50.00!